Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide anyone who wants to listen a grassroots view of the 2018 midterm elections; to tell the stories of swing districts and what makes them special as places to live and places to visit; to tell the stories of first-time candidates and of citizens becoming active in politics for the first time; to bring people together around good food and good conversation, including a potluck dinner in every district.

With our podcasts, our mission is to inspire people to get informed, to get involved and to vote. We want to help people gain confidence that as a nation “we’ve got this” – we can create a positive future through active citizenship.



We imagine a country in which citizens understand that it is both interesting, fun and rewarding to engage with politics.  Developing respectful relationships, based on transparency and accountability, with one’s elected officials makes communities, and, ultimately, the nation stronger.  We imagine a country in which voter turnout levels are rising, and in which congress becomes more bipartisan, less gerrymandered, more accountable, and functions in an orderly manner.

We want to see higher voter turnout levels in every district we profile, and an election cycle we can all be proud of in terms of engagement and quality of discourse.


Listening to understand, Compassion, Empathy, Clear-eyed optimism, Fact-based discourse and evidence-based argumentation, Sense of humor.

And . . .We don’t care what party you are. Let’s go find some great food and talk. Or let’s find a great path and run or walk . . .and talk.