About the two moms

Heather  Atwood  is  an  accomplished  food  writer  and  blogger.  Heather  is  the  author  of  “In  Cod  We  Trust”   (Globe  Pequot,  2015),  and  the  Managing  Editor  of  the  online  magazine  “The  Other  Cape”.  Heather  has   two  daughters.  

Nicie  Johnson  Panetta,  retired  in  2010  after  fifteen  years  in  the  investment  business.   Since  then,  she  has  focused  on  raising  her  daughter  and  on  non-­profit  volunteer  work.  In  an  earlier   century,  Nicie  worked  in  TV  news.  Nicie  and  Heather  both  live  on  Boston’s  North  Shore.       

A Note on our Politics

While  ours  will  be  advocacy  journalism,  our  advocacy  is  for  the  kind  of  people  power  and  principled   leadership  above  the  partisan  divide  that  can  help  us  all  reform  our  politics  and  strengthen  our   democracy.  Heather  and  Nicie  are  committed  to  being  thoughtful  about  the  complexities  of  policy  and   politics,  to  being  respectful  of  those  who  hold  differing  views,  and  to  listening  carefully  to  all  whom  they   encounter. We are left of center ourselves, and proudly so. We will be making donations or working on behalf of some the candidates we profile, and we will share that with our listeners when we do.

Having said that, we don’t expect our listeners to share our views or our values in every instance. We are also more interested in identifying leaders who are able to put country over party, than we are in promoting the interests of any party. We are committed to being respectful, to listen sincerely, and to encourage pragmatic and fact-based discussion. We will be exploring frameworks for dialogue that assist people in gaining clarity about how their values and emotions interact with a fact-based analysis of both policy questions and candidate assessment.

Heather and Nicie

Heather and Nicie